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Colors of Spring

Linda Roorda


Ahhh, spring!  My favorite season!  And isn’t this beautiful weather?!  I love to see the signs of new life emerging slowly, almost imperceptibly, after earth’s long wintry sleep.  To smell the fresh earthy aroma that follows a gentle spring rain is refreshing, and to watch the daintiest leaf or flower bud begin to emerge brings joy to my heart.  With a bright sun’s nourishing warmth, those leaf buds swell and burst open, bringing many shades of green to life.  Then, as flowers begin to brighten the landscape, it’s as though all of creation rejoices with endless color.


I’ve often thought about the joy and pleasure it must have given our God as He created every aspect of this world, every plant and every creature… each uniquely designed!  After His work of creating a separate aspect of this world each day of the week, “God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31 NIV)  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have been a witness as this marvelous creation all came to be?  I’ve also imagined that the first week of creation was spring with vivid colors bursting forth in blooms from every kind of plant and flower imaginable! 


Then He created man and woman to tend and care for the beautiful Garden of Eden, ultimately to be caretakers of the world at large.  And to know that all this beauty was created for our pleasure, to treasure and nourish… what an awesome responsibility and beautiful gift we were given! 


Enjoy the beauty of spring in all its glory as it bursts forth anew to color our every-day world!


Colors of Spring

Linda A. Roorda


From brilliant yellow of forsythia arched

To burgundy red on trees standing tall

The colors of spring emerge in great beauty

To brighten our days from winter’s dark sleep.


From chartreuse shades as leaf buds burst forth

To pink and white flowers in cloud-like halos

Hovering on branches in glowing full bloom

Swaying above carpets of undulating green.


From rich azure sky with puffs of white-gray

To pale blue horizon at forested hills

With sun-streaked rays like fingers of God

To lengthening shadows as light slowly fades.


From velvet black night as moon rises full

To glittering diamonds twinkling bright

Up over hills on a path through the sky

Gliding above trees with limbs reaching out.


From earth’s colorful palette awakening clear

To the crisp and bold and shades of pastels

Shimmering and dancing to brighten our day

Created by God, our pleasure to behold.



All rights reserved. 

May not be reproduced without permission of the author.


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I'm always amazed at how the colors of springtime budding trees and plants remind me of Fall's beautiful colors.  Enjoyed your poem very much.

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1 hour ago, Bridget said:

I'm always amazed at how the colors of springtime budding trees and plants remind me of Fall's beautiful colors.  Enjoyed your poem very much.

Thanks so much Bridget! Enjoying the colors with you :)

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