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The End...

Linda Roorda


There comes a time when all good things come to an end.  And that time has come for The Poet’s Chair here at the Elmira Telegram website which is closing June 1st.  Life for each of us moves on to new beginnings all along the way.  And so it’s time to embark on a new beginning with a new blog.  But, endings are never easy.  It’s difficult to say goodbye to something that’s been a great experience, especially to new friends made on this journey.  Yet, beginnings are not easy either.  They come with a whole set of adjustments to make.  And I have never welcomed change.  It’s been humbling to hear how much my poetry and blogs have meant to you, my readers, and I’d be honored to have you join me at Lifesong Poetic Devotions.  There’s a new poem and reflection waiting for you to read, enjoy and share! (Please let me know if this URL does not work.)


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Thanks for all you've done Linda ! And good luck with the new site. 

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35 minutes ago, Chris said:

Thanks for all you've done Linda ! And good luck with the new site. 

You're so welcome, Chris! It's been great! and Thanks on the new venture!

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