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So NOW What ??

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Some time in the last week or two, one of the regulars on this site made a joke that after June 1st I'll probably need some kind of program to cope with the loss of the site. I got a good laugh out of that, and while she may have a point, I will probably have periods where I miss it, I think overall I'll be fine. 

Well, the truth is I haven't been as diligent as I once was, that's probably pretty obvious. There's also less pressure to come up with new ideas, take time out during the work day to post breaking news, etc.But still it's taken some time out of each day ( for the most part ).  

So, what do I do from here ?

Well, there's the music. While the band isn't as busy as we once were by design, I've been trying to expand my repertoire some as well as improve my own playing technique. I'm starting to get really turned on to old folk music and am hoping to learn them and/ or come up with some contemporary arrangements, even if for my own personal enjoyment. 

Then there's writing. This whole adventure really started out with my blog back in 2010 ( I think ) which led to a regular column in Broader View Weekly and then when that folded, Which then led to this. Along the way I found that i was writing original work less, a result of focusing on the site. Also a strange thing happened in the past year. I used to have a lot to say, always ready to step up on my soapbox and give my opinion. I've come to the realization though that no one really cares.

Especially me. 

I'm sick of politics. I no longer care to proclaim to the world my beliefs or debate the days' latest issues. I just want to live my life the best I know how and be left alone, you know ?

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.03.12 PM.png

Well, not completely like this. 


What I have found myself wanting to do however is get back to storytelling. Which isn't a stretch for a musician, is it ?

About a year ago I started getting some ideas, little voices in my head, bits of imaginary dialogue as I walked the dog. I started thinking up a storyline, and suddenly I had an idea for a book. Encouraged by a friend to stop talking about it and start writing, I did just that. In fits and starts at first, the first attempt was absolute dreck. But now the "voices" and the people they come from are becoming more real to me and their story needs to be told. I'm six chapters in and with any luck will be finished by year's end or Spring 2018. It all depends on self discipline. ( I'm screwed. ) 

Then there's the gardening, the lawn work, or nothing at all... just sitting under my tree with a cold beer watching the world go by. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.07.01 PM.png


Perhaps the best way to sum up how I have been looking at the closing of this chapter was recently found in the bathroom copy of Reader's Digest ( which is a pretty funny name for something you read on the toilet when you think of it ):

"I'm in the middle of my life, and I just don't have enough years left to spend a large portion of them inside an iPhone." - author Zadie Smith

So now what ?

We'll see !





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Dude... why is it when I hear those little voices I get locked up????

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