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  1. Chemung County DPW 2017 Public Works Projects Announced

    About time they get to Federal Rd. I think the town has been after them for better than a year to do something about it.
  2. Nuts. ( And if you're allergic, too bad. )
  3. A guy I know posts some of the best stories from the restaurant he works at. Here's ine that I immediately thought of :
  4. Over react much ? Urging people to throw it away ? Christ, if you're not some delicate allergic to the world flower, just eat it.
  5. Fresh Air And Imagination

    Whats the old saying, the peepers have to stop singing three times before the danger of frost is over ? Pretty sure they were silent last night so that's one. Fortunately the frost didn't get our peach trees which are blossomed nicely. And the ticks...ugh. I just pulled one off of me last night. It was my first ever though, so I guess thats not bad considering how much time I spend in "their house".
  6. Shearing the Flock

    I've never read the books, but have meant to. I'll add 'em to the list.
  7. Elmira Man Arrested For Sex Abuse Charges

    Earlier today I was aghast to see a parent of the child had commented that it was their child involved. Fortunately they thought better of it ( or someone pulled them aside and gave them a talking to ) and it was removed.
  8. Elmira Police Warn Of Fake Currency

    Ya beat me to it. Although I didn't have a translation as of yet. Gotta be Trump's fault
  9. What troubles me ( although it shouldn't surprise me ) is the people saying things like, "One down, more to go." I don't know if O'Reilly did this or not, wouldn't surprise me. But I have a feeling his downfall is a chapter in a bigger plan to take down those who don't go along with the new status quo.
  10. Schuyler County Police Investigating Stolen Excavator

    That's the one taken as far as I know. The photo came with the press release.
  11. Schuyler County Police Investigating Stolen Excavator

    Frickin druggies are upping their game these days.
  12. Imagine if people put this kind of thought and ingenuity into making an honest living ?