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    [July 2014] Hands on kind of guy. Work is a sort of therapy for me. Tools are an extension of the hand used to accomplish even more things. Tools are good.
    [July 2015] God. God is good.

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  1. Schuyler County Police Investigating Stolen Excavator

    That was just to keep the guys out of trouble during liberty hours.
  2. Also, those classes taught basic safety practices. A lot of people end up in a trade anyway and have ZERO common sense when it comes to "safety first" and "think about what you're doing" or even "tools and their uses". Shop classes are every bit as necessary as home economics because sooner or later, you're gonna need to use at least a hand tool.
  3. Search For Simplicity

    I've talked to a lot of people lately that feel the same way. Myself included... sometimes.
  4. National Weather Service Issues Winter Storm Warning
  5. National Weather Service Issues Winter Storm Warning

    The Hilliard Corp. closed at 3pm today until 7am tomorrow morning. Two shifts.
  6. The Shack

    Yeah, I thought it was a good book too and I've been told that the movie does a pretty good job. I had to read it more than once to sort some things out. I'll probably wait for the DVD but I do like to support these movies at the box office so maybe...
  7. Social Media Are Driving Americans Insane

    Very cool, raf!
  8. City Turns Down County Request To Help With Arena Costs

    If I were gonna bootleg the show that I attended and couldn't plug directly into the soundboard, I'd have recorded it in the restroom. It sounded really good in the restroom.
  9. Two Arrested On Drug Charges In Southport

    I'm sorry, Raf. We attended a sort of 'kickstart' benefit dinner in Breesport Friday night for the new Renovation House for Women going in the old Breesport School. I thought of this mugshot.
  10. Diddley Bow

    Yep. I've been looking at cigar box guitars for years now. Haven't built one yet. Another note; Buy your piezo's in bulk, with or without leads. Even if you scrap a few trying to solder the leads on yourself, you'll be way ahead of the game. And don't worry about finding uses for them. They're way cool because they're ultra-sensitive but they only pick up vibrations from contact, not sound waves. Basically, it's a contact microphone. We used one to mic the baby grand at church! Used one on the cajon for a while too. Preamps and/or DI's come in handy if you're going through a PA with a piezo. Also, the one on the lid (when I can get it to work) get more of a banjo kind of sound. And it makes all kinds of differences how you hold the bow and where you pluck the string. 1/4" jacks and pot's can be had in bulk as well.
  11. Diddley Bow

    To mark your positions on the neck, you can listen for the harmonics or there's a nifty trick with a piece of string. Cut a length of string equal to the distance from the bridge to the nut. Fold the string in half. That's roughly the distance from the nut to the 12th fret. Fold it in half again. That's roughly the distance from the nut to the 5th fret. Take full length of the string again and fold it into thirds. That's roughly the distance from the nut to the 7th fret. You can double check by listening for harmonics at those points. This guy helped me figure this out;
  12. Where Do You Get Your Seeds/Plants ?

    LoL. Now this is an Elmira topic if I've ever seen one! Click bait.
  13. The Elmira Advertiser Fire Of 1888

    There was a barber named ' Mr. Seuss '?
  14. Lyme Disease Sub Forum ?

    My dog tested positive for Lyme antibodies about a month ago. He stopped walking on the Friday after Thanksgiving and by Sunday all four of his limbs were swollen like baloons. We got him to the doctor on Monday after work. She prescribed him a month's supply of Doxycycline(?) ang something for his bowels and by Tuesday the swelling had gone down and he was trying to walk. By Friday, we were able to hang out at Grampa's cabin.
  15. Whaddya Want For Christmas ?

    I hope I get that Kydex thingy that I tried on last month.