In April 2014, was launched in the hopes of not only providing often overlooked news stories but also a place for people to come together and talk. Social media was taking off like a rocket and I’d already started a website focused on smaller municipalities two years prior. So the idea wasn’t anything new per se. I believed there was a need for access to local news free of pay walls, pop up ads, and subscription fees as well as a forum for neighbors to have a civil conversation about local issues. 

I firmly believed in this vision, and believed that the need existed. I still do. Despite things never quite taking off like I envisioned, that belief kept me going. But now countless hours, thousands of dollars out of pocket, and over a decade later, I’ve decided that it’s time to pull the plug on Elmira Telegram.  

This is not an easy decision. As I wrote above, I know the need exists, now more than ever. It’s just more than one person can do on a daily basis. 

I will be forever grateful the folks who’ve supported and contributed to the site over the past 10+ years. I’ve made so many friends as a result of this website and it’s for that reason alone I will never use the word “failure” to describe this endeavor. 

Before signing off, I’d like to mention that while Elmira Telegram as a news site is going away, I’ve decided to keep the forums going. It’s 100% free, easy to use, and you might find some interesting stuff over there. So be sure to stop by and join us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Chris Sherwood – Owner