The Time Is Right For A Cantina Band Movie

It’s May 4th. In some corners of the world, this is a big day known as Star Wars Day. You know, may the fourth be with you. It makes sense that we have a Star Wars Day given its cultural impact. I mean, have you noticed some of the other “days” we have? At least Star Wars Day is something worth celebrating.

Now, because it’s Star Wars Day and because again, some corners of the world are super pumped about it, Star Wars related-content is out there, making the rounds, including a trailer for the new Obi-Wan series (which looks dope.) Me personally, I woke up, saw that Star Wars stuff was trending, got thinking, and came back to something I had been thinking about for a while now.

Thanks to Disney now controlling Star Wars, shows set in the Star Wars universe have appeared on Disney+, starting with The Mandolorian. Next up is the Obi-Wan show and then there will be another season of The Mandolorian plus a show about Cassian Andor, a character from Rogue One and Ahsoka, which revolves around Ahsoka Tano who appeared in The Mandolorian. I’m sure there will be more, especially if another one of those comes close to hitting the mark like The Mandolorian did.

Which leads me to ask, why not give the Cantina Band some love? You know the Cantina Band, those dudes chopping it up in the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope. The tune they were playing is probably the most recognizable piece of music from the movies next to John Williams’ score and Darth Vader’s theme music.

They appeared in one scene in that movie and that was it. They were gone.

But they could be back and it could be fun. Think about it: a series about a band touring the galaxy while all kinds of crazy wars and turmoil and blasting are happening. Making a living in a band and co-existing with your bandmates is hard enough without a large-scale rebellion happening. These dudes could have gigs canceled because the planet where the show was scheduled to happen was blown up by the Empire. Talk about a bummer, huh?

Part of what made The Mandolorian fun was that it showed slices of life in the galaxy carrying on amidst all the Star Wars bruhaha happening. It brought a whole new perspective to the franchise as we got to see what people who weren’t fighting in the various wars were up to and how they were ultimately affected by the events taking place all around them. This trend could continue with the Cantina Band series, following the band as they tour and play other such establishments as the Mos Eisley Cantina; spots where shady business would no doubt be happening, and said shady business could very easily be connected to stuff happening on projects involved in the Star Wars universe.

And it’s about a band! Stories about bands are always great. The drama, the dynamics, the song-writing process. It’s gold. It’s always gold. And here, it’d be gold plus Star Wars.

So if you’re keeping track:

Band stuff: win

Star Wars stuff: win

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Yeah, what LL Cool J said.

Let’s do it, Disney+. If you’re skittish, make it a limited series. Limited series are sweet and everyone loves them because it’s minimal commitment. A movie would be excessive.

Unless…we’re talking a This Is Spinal Tap style mockumentary about the Cantina Band. I could get into that. I bet you could too.

You have my contact info Disney+. Let’s talk.

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