Bath Man Charged After Road Rage Incident

On the morning of June 22, officers from the Bath Police Department responded to the Quicklees gas station in the Village of Bath for a reported road rage incident. When officers arrived, the caller told police that a man on a white motorcycle intentionally struck the driver side mirror of his vehicle, causing damage reportedly exceeding $250.00. The subject on the motorcycle left the scene before officers arrived.

Then, on Sunday officers observed a motorcycle matching the caller’s description on West Washington Street in the village of Bath. The subject was identified as 21 year old Cordell Galvin of Bath.

Galvin was taken into custody and charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd, a class E felony. He was also issued a traffic citation.

Galvin was released on an appearance ticket and is due back in the bath Village Court at a later date.

5 Replies to “Bath Man Charged After Road Rage Incident”

  1. Problem with this is. Did they identify the bike or him. What evidence have they got other than testimony from the victim that he’s the one who did it. A lot of motorcycles look the same. Just saying

    1. Why do people like you always say and defunk the police, they are victims and they Know they are. Why say anything about doubting the victim would he lie? Of course they have to be stupid if they called and reported a false call. .

  2. Obviously there was a reason he did this. I know this young man personally and it’s out of his character to do something for no reason. So until you know the full story please don’t make him look like the bad guy.

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