Let Me Abide

There’s something special about friends.  There’s a bond, a closeness, an intimacy, that is felt in the sharing of two hearts.  Writing this poem, I was thinking about the bond between spouses, the dearest of friends.  But it’s also indicative of the closeness among best friends, friends who can pick right up where they left off even after a lengthy time apart, friends who can talk non-stop sharing their life stories.  And, as I reflected a little further, I realized that bond is so like what we share within the friendship and love between us and our Lord.

Going for a walk with our spouse can be a special time of bonding and growing closer.  Maybe it’s time spent along the shore of a stream or lake, on a path through the woods, or simply walking around the block.  But it can also be special time found within the walk of every-day life… in simple time alone… a time to share thoughts and ideas… and a chance to lift the other person up emotionally and spiritually.  

But I also can’t help thinking how this time of sharing with our spouse, or even our best friend, can be compared to time spent with our Lord.  He walks with us all throughout our day. Though we don’t see or feel His actual presence, He’s there.  He created us to enjoy a close relationship with Him.  He wants our time… our thoughts and our heart… in other words, our love and companionship.  He’s always there for us, no matter what, drawing us closer to His side… just as He said, “Remain [abide] in me, and I will remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain [abide] in me.”  John 15:4

And as we walk with our Lord, He’ll show us who He is.  He’ll share His wisdom if we simply ask.  He’ll guide us on a difficult path as we seek Him… as we listen for His voice speaking through His written word, or His still small voice, that gentle whisper or nudge within our heart.  He’ll never leave us, never forsake us… even when we feel the tugs of this world calling us. He’s always there… that is, if we let Him be the inseparable companion He wants to be.  For He longs to share the depths of His love, His mercy and grace… something our heart is also longing for.

So, let me abide in You, Lord… always!  And let me praise You for who You are.

Let Me Abide

I need you here to walk beside

To hold my hand, and calm my fears

To share my dreams with a love profound

And guide my steps on this path of life.

I need your love for you light my world

As you gaze into the depths of my soul

You bring love’s glow to shine on our path

And cover with grace the steps that falter.

When in the valley, I feel overwhelmed

My heart then pleads for loving comfort

My heart I place in your tender care

As peace-filled waves wash over my soul.

Then let me abide secure in your arms

And let my heart be drawn ever near

For as my words echo love’s message

My voice will sing sweet praises of you.

Linda Roorda writes from her home in Spencer.


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