You Made A Difference

Maybe we don’t say it enough… those little words that mean so much – “You make a difference…” or “I appreciate you…” or “I love you!”  Along with the words, there are ways we can show how much we care, and here are a few I’ve been pondering. 

Since retiring, I have totally enjoyed a second “career” – subbing in our public school district, and noticed something right away that has been consistent… the welcoming words and smiles from staff on up to the principals and superintendent – words of appreciation and thanks for coming in and helping out, for being there for the kids, no matter their age, from pre-K thru high school.  And it got me to thinking about us as family and friends.  I appreciate each of you for who you are, for your being a very special part of my life, for your kind loving words, for words of wisdom and words that teach me… Thank you! You’ve made a difference in my life! And I love you! 

In thinking about others, one of the best ways we can express how much we care is by simply serving them, expecting nothing in return.  As the Apostle Paul wrote, “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4)  Ask how they’re doing, and truly listen when they express life is not going so well.  Make the effort to really understand what someone else might be feeling, or what they might be going through, or ask how you could help.

Volunteer your time, that often rare commodity in our hectic schedules.  We can help those in a difficult situation, or those recovering from surgery or illness.  We can provide a meal, or simply give attention to a shut-in to let them know they’ve not been forgotten.  Perhaps we’re able to volunteer in a program where serving will benefit many… such as the local fire department, ambulance squad, or a local food cupboard.  There are so many ways we can share our time to show how much we care.

Be a mentor to others.  Encourage them in their endeavors.  Help them succeed.  Lift them up emotionally.  Listen to their concerns.  Cheer them on!  Perhaps helping to widen their horizon in a favorite hobby might lead them into a fulfilling venture. 

Be there for the grieving.  Many words aren’t necessary.  Simply ask how they’re doing.  Sharing the silence with a hug and sitting with them brings comfort.  Listen to their heart as they express their sorrow.  Share their pain.  Show you care.

Give an encouraging smile to those you meet along your daily path, even strangers!  Watch their face light up knowing that you care enough to share a simple smile to brighten their day!  

Be joyful for each other!  Praise them for even their smallest accomplishments, and express how happy you are for them in their successes.  

Let someone know you’ll pray for them.  Make someone a gift using your special talents, or gift them something unique to their interests.

Greet others with a genuine friendly tone.  Share a positive attitude.  Make others feel wanted and welcomed.  Let them know how much you appreciate them and all that they do.

And I know that you, too, can name many examples of how others made a difference in the world around them, and in your life… just as you share this same loving kindness to make a difference in someone else’s life… someone in need of your compassion, comfort, kindness and generosity. 

We can each make a difference wherever we are in whatever we do!  By shining our inner light as a reflection of Christ’s love within us, we let others know how much we care about them.  Be the one who makes a difference in the world today!

You Made A Difference…

Linda A. Roorda

You made a difference in the world today…

You gave a smile to someone in need

Your face truly showed you cared from the heart

For your love was felt wrapped up in the glow.

You made a difference in the world today…

You lent an ear to someone hurting

You listened to tears and heard their story

You held their heart in the depths of your soul.

You made a difference in the world today…

You walked the path where a friend was plodding

You carried their burden, you went the extra mile,

You eased their stress and brought hope to their day.

You made a difference in the world today…

Your hands rough and worn, were held out with warmth

Bestowing attention, you covered their needs

As your arms enveloped to guard and protect.

You made a difference in the world today…

You spoke words of truth with gentle kindness

You showed concern, asking how they were

And shared their dreams scattered in the storm.

You made a difference in the world today…

You took the time to sit in silence

You held their hand bringing peace and comfort

When their life was torn apart in sorrow.

You made a difference in the world today…

    You shared their joy with laughter’s ring                                                                                                                                 

You praised them for a job well done

As your love and hugs showed the depth of care.


Linda Roorda writes from her home in Spencer.

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