Hornell Man Struck By Train In Big Flats

BIG FLATS – The Chemung County Sheriff’s office is investigating the death a Hornell man after he was struck by a train in the Town of Big Flats on Friday.

According to the sheriff’s office, at around 3:56 pm on Saturday, deputies responded to the railroad tracks along County Route 64 behind the Simmons-Rockwell auto dealership. The conductor of the Norfolks Southern railway had reported hitting an individual who was walking on the tracks in an easterly direction.

At this time the investigation reveals that the train was traveling west when they saw the person walking between the rails of the tracks towards the train. The conductor sounded the horn and applied the brakes, but the individual did not move and the train was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting him. Police believe that the person could not hear the train as he was wearing ear buds at the time.

Police have identified the deceased as 29 year old Timothy Galosh of Hornell. Police say that Galosh was currently staying with a relative in Big Flats and was believed to be walking to work in Consumer Square.

The investigation continues and the Sheriff’s Office is working to get more data from the Norfolk Southern Railway Company.

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