Local Writers

Our Local Writers section is a collection of columns written by neighbors from across the community and beyond. Elmira Telegram is blessed to have these folks volunteering their time and talent to the site and we know you’ll enjoy reading what’s on their mind.

In this section you can find:

Bellows From The Boondocks” – Waverly resident Chris Brewster shares his thoughts on writing as well as life in general.

Poetic Devotions” – Linda Roorda of Spencer shares her ideas on faith with stories and poems you’re sure to enjoy. Linda also writes the “Homespun Ancestors” column which is a mix of genealogy and history, both local and beyond.

View From The Hills” by Chris Sherwood is a mix of Chris’s thoughts on local issues and anything else that happens to be going through his head at the time.

Home, Garden, and Other Wonders” by Carol Bossard of Spencer is a delightful column in which Carol offers her thoughts on life and reminds us to find joy in the little things.

Chemung Valley History” is written by the staff at the Chemung County Historical society which they are gracious enough to let us reprint here. There’s lots to know about our local history, and these folks are your #1 source!

From The Capitol” is a weekly column written by Senator Tom O’Mara on a variety of topics affecting both the Southern Tier and the state as a whole.

Giddy Up America” by Ryan O’Connell is your go-to column for music, television, and all other things pertaining to pop culture.

Guest View” is an op-ed section written by people throughout the community who have something on their mind that they want to share.